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Even within the furry fandom , people cannot always agree on just what makes a person a furry or not.

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Some would argue that to be a furry, you must think and talk like one i. Even if you go to conventions, wear a fursuit , draw the art, writes the stories etc but don't talk using furry lingo, you're not a furry. Others would argue that even liking anthropomorphic creatures makes you a furry. You may have no idea the furry fandom exists or have ever heard of a furry convention, let alone any of the websites; simply liking 'anthro' critters makes you a furry. Then there is the small percent that are hard core fans and have taken what for most is a hobby and perverted it sometimes in an all to literal sense.

As is with so many other things in life, the few that take it too far tend to be the loudest. The silent majority are often forced into silence by the loud majority for fear that people will label them as being in the same class as the minority that have perverted it. One unfortunate side effect of the internet and the relative anonymity that some sites grant their users is people are able to engage in activities even if only on a virtual level that they would never even consider doing in real life. I think a lot of the stereotypes associated with furries are because of this.

If only the silent majority were not so silent, people would realise there is more to furries then perversion. Ok, an attempt at a balanced definition.

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I am NOT a furry but both sides hear me out before reaching for that thumbs down. Furries are a relatively recent phenomenon which has been catapulted into near-mainstreamness almost solely because of the internet.

It is obvious furries are very much victims of tarring the majority with the brush of an "unappealing" minority. In the simplest sense furries are fans of anthropromorphic animals. Furry porn is dangerously close to bestiality. Sorry to anyone who likes it, but it is However the ones who like it seem to be in a minority, with the ones liking the odd fetishes like "vore" and "macro" a very small minority indeed.

Furries get a lot of crap thrown at them on the internet in relation to the activities of the minority of their fanbase.

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They have a reputation to reacting to this in an over the top manner such as comparing their treatment to the Holocaust , which realy doesn't do them many favours. However on the whole they are just a group of people who are fans of a single concept, seem to know how to have fun, and are doing alright for themselves in terms of publicity. Furries : Do you wanna see my new cat character? Simply - One who has an interest small or large of anthropomorphic animals animals who have a human qualities be it simply talking or having a human-like body.

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One who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals. Does not mean wanting to have sex with them. One who shows interest in things that can be described with the 'furry' adjective. One who prefers to imagine themself as more animalistic than they are. Other related definitions: stereotype-furry: Derogatory generalization of how many 'furry-haters' see the noun form of 'furries' as, usually portrayed as pitiful homosexual men who dress up as the animal they like or 'want to fuck' the most, and have sex with their animals.

Personally I consider myself a furry, I have an online persona of myself with ears and a fox tail , I am male, I'm straight, I don't draw a lot of furry art because I'm not that good at it, I don't write stories for the same reason. I do read other peoples' stories and look at their art, I have no sexual interest in actual animals see zoophiles and bestiality folks I go to college, and have a job, I'm not fat either. In the broadest definition, someone who finds the idea of anthropomorphic humanlike animals, in art, fiction, cartoons, costume, or other media, to be an appealing one.

Furries are an extremely diverse group and no one furry may possess all, or any, of the traits typically associated with the group; furries can range from people who are fans of old Warner Bros. Amongst many, many other things. Why people get uptight about what is such a cute, silly and affectionate expression of pleasure between two or more consenting adults when there's much worse out there to get worked up about such as child abuse , I'll never understand.

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It can be an expensive pastime being involved in the Furry Fandom world. But you can get ones with moving jaws and blinking eyes which will cost thousands of pounds. So what do Furries do when they meet up? This is someone who looks after you as you will have very narrow vision dressed in the suit.

But you do always fear being ridiculed. Ed admits the group in Hull is struggling a bit for membership which has hampered the ability to organise events. There was around 20 of us and it was really good fun. More members will help with that. Anyone interested in joining the group can go to the Humber Furs Facebook pa ge and leave a message.

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