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Find system controls and settings in the Control Strip

Pretty awesome! Well life has just been upgraded — turns out there is an undo button. Feeling a little claustrophobic in Google Mail?

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Choose what feels right for you! First, turn on the Canned Responses feature in Gmail Labs. Now just write your email and click the extra drop down bit on the bottom of your message, beside the trash can. Once a canned response in inserted, any personalization needed can be added to the template before sending it off.

With your conversation open, just go to More , and select Mute. Archiving emails is a great way to keep your Inbox clean without deleting emails, letting you appear a normal, healthy internet user while secretly hoarding a decade collection of old emails. To select all emails that match your search, click the link that appears in the pop up highlighted in blue. Now that I have all the emails that match my search string selected, I can just hit the Archive button.

Standard functions

Goodbye old emails! Ah, that feels better already. This features needs to be turned on in the Settings menu before you can start using it.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: How to compose an email using key "C" @Gmail @GoogleForWork

This means that the email will be archived away, out of your Inbox. You can rest easy knowing that if someone replies to your archived email, it will reappear in your Inbox, delivered to your attention.

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You can also use the search drop down. Did you know that you can read and reply to emails, even when offline? Now you can be productive anywhere!

Quick tip: Launch a pop-up compose window in Gmail

Say goodbye to scribbled to-do lists on Post It notes. Move cursor to newer conversation. Older Conversation. Move cursor to older conversation. Previous message in conversation. Next message in conversation.

A Cheat Sheet of Every Single Gmail Keyboard Shortcut

Open a conversation. Return to conversation view from message view. Refresh conversation view. Go to All mail. Go to All mail view. Escape Input Field.

Keyboard shortcuts in Opera

Removes the cursor from your current input field. Remove from current view. Move cursor to search box.

Select conversation. Necessary to apply labels, archive, or do other actions.

Outlook program icon shortcuts

Most programs have them, but they can vary from program to program and power users are generally the only people who ever bother finding out what the shortcuts are for their preferred programs. Still, there are a few that are worth knowing because they can save time, effort and frustration. There are a few handy shortcuts that are usually the same in ALL programs that allow the user to create content that contains text and images e.

To use any keyboard shortcut, press and hold the first key, then press the second key while still holding the first one down. Even as a retired software engineer and all-around geek, I was repeatedly aggravated by keyboard sensitivity when I was composing messages in Gmail.