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For many human resource managers, it may seem simpler to skip a background check than consider what is involved with hiring Canadian workers here in the US. Utilizing international background checks are the best way to ensure your company is hiring the right candidate.

Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check

As any good human resource manager knows, background checks are essential in the hiring process. Many people will skip this step when it involves hiring Canadian workers. Skipping this because it comes across as too time-consuming or challenging can be detrimental. Having a third-party company who has experience with these types of background checks is the best way to have all the answers you need.

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There are numerous reasons to run an international background check on an employment candidate, for a Canadian worker or applicant from any other country. Your company must adhere to specific tax laws after hiring, and consider how the employee will represent the company. Legally speaking, if something does go wrong in the workplace and the employee decides to seek legal action, you must consider where the proceedings will take place.

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Before having to complete the additional work involved with hiring a Canadian citizen, find out if you truly have the best candidate. When conducting a Cross-Border Employment Background Check, many things should be consider ranging from criminal records to prior employment to education verification. Similarly, credit reports are viewed in the same light where the provinces and territories hold the final say.

Conducting drug screenings is also prohibited in Canada, but as an American company you have the right to request the screening of a Canadian worker. Education verification and reference calls are free territory, if the applicant agrees to them. Before conducting a credit check, written notice must be provided to the candidate.

A driver record check is really only a bona fide occupational requirement for jobs like drivers, truckers and some sales positions. In most cases, an employment check will suffice.

When are background checks done?

Criminal background checks are reasonable for employees who will be working in positions of trust or dealing with vulnerable populations such as the young, old or disabled. Since criminal background checks can easily bump up against human rights law and privacy issues, it is best that employers demonstrate that there is a bona fide occupational requirement for conducting one.

Employers must receive written consent from their prospective employee before performing any sort of criminal background check. CRCs bring up criminal and summary convictions. PICs disclose convictions, outstanding and discharged charges. VSCs are the most comprehensive.

Do Your Candidates Need a Background Check?

A vulnerable sector check is a police information check plus a check to see if a person has a record suspension pardon for sexual offences. Questions concerning vulnerable sector checks should be directed to your local police service. People who volunteer or have jobs where they are in positions of trust or authority over children or vulnerable persons can be asked to obtain a vulnerable sector check. Being in a position of trust or authority is more than just having contact with children or vulnerable persons.

To meet the legal requirements for a vulnerable sector check, the nature of the position — not the person — must cause the person to have authority over, or trust of, children or vulnerable persons.

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Vulnerable persons are people who, because of their age, disability or other circumstance, are more vulnerable than others. The decision to request a vulnerable sector check is made by the hiring company or volunteer organization.

Have any questions?

If they determine that a position is one of trust or authority over children or vulnerable persons, they can request that an applicant for the position obtain a vulnerable sector check. The person or organization responsible for children or vulnerable persons also decides how often a vulnerable sector check must be repeated. In all other cases, contact your local police service. You will be required to provide the police service with the following information:.

Once the police service has determined that the position meets the requirements for a vulnerable sector check, a name based search will be conducted. In some cases you will be required to submit fingerprints to confirm your identity.